Budgie is a nickname for budgerigar, a parrot that comes from Australia, and is known for being tiny, long-tailed and seed-eating. You can distinguish it from other types of parrots, because of its greenish color, and the black stripes that can be found on its tail.


When a budgie is properly trained, it has the ability to mimic your human speech patterns in a parrot-like fashion. Usually these little parrots are very easy to tame and train, but some can be very challenging to teach. If you spend a decent amount of time with a group of budgies, you will notice quite quickly that they all have very different personalities. Many of them are pretty sensitive and docile, while some are a bit stubborn, feisty and mischievous in nature.


If you purchase a Budgie Taming at a young age, it is very easy to tame and train. This is the key to establishing a deep relationship between you and your cute little creature. It is best to perceive this interaction between you and a baby budgie as a parent child relationship, and if you wish to build lifelong skills, then it is imperative you establish a good bond with this baby early on, and place yourself as its ultimate authority figure as soon as you can in its young life. That is the key to training a budgie properly, buying one young and growing with it.


The first moments you adopt your budgie should be spent building a good quality friendship to your feathered little friend. It is important to keep in mind that this animal is innately considered prey, and therefore will be inclined to stay away from you to protect itself, as it is a natural defense mechanism. Training a budgie properly involves you acting as if you are one with his or her tribe, as in you need to make him or her feel as if you are a member of his group. Read about parakeet here at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/442738/parakeet.


Training a budgie to talk, you must then take the time to make your little pet feel more comfortable in your hands, as in he or she needs to get to know them personally. Extend your hand gently into your budgie's cage as you kindly speak to him or her. Keeping your hand steady is a must, as it will enable your budgie to become more comfortable with your hand and its motions, eventually encouraging him or her to approach you casually. This is how you get a budgie to respond to you during training and feeding time without worrying about him or her flying away. If you want to truly become a professional at training your budgie or you simply want to pick up some better tips, we advise you talk to a veteran budgie owner and research more information online.